May 24, 2024

With a strong global presence and a commitment to innovation, OLI Vibrators stands out in the industry. From cutting-edge products to a robust infrastructure, OLI ensures customer satisfaction worldwide says, Sundaram S. Iyer, Managing Director, OLI Vibrators India.

Can you provide more information about the range of industrial machines and products you manufacture, and how they are used in the construction sector?

Oli Vibrators India Pvt. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of OLI SpA, Italy. OLI Group is basically into manufacturing and supply of – Industrial Vibrators inter-alia including Flanged Vibrators/Flanged Drive/DC and Micro series vibrators. Flow Aids – Both Electrical and Pneumatic vibrators

Concrete Vibrators inter-alia including Needle Vibrators / Electro-mechanical Convertors / Electronic control panels /Shuttering vibrators /Distribution boxes/ Air-liners / Fastening systems like Cradles /Clamps etc.,

All our products are used /applied for various applications in all types of Industries and concerning Construction and Infrastructure they have usage in the following areas:

Construction: Steel Plants /Power generating plants/ Cement Plants/ Crushing Plants/Screening Plants / Feeders/Sand Washing plants / Concreting/ Compaction etc.

Precasting:  For Shuttering purposes/ Pier Construction / FSLM Concreting/ vibrating Tables (Both Flat and Hyd. Tilting tables).

What sets OLI Vibrators India Private Limited apart from other manufacturers of industrial vibrators, flow aids, and concrete consolidation equipment?

Nowadays Ease of operations, Safety and reliability have become vital selling points. OLI has Strong Domain Knowledge, stringent adherence to Industry standards, Strict Quality Compliance and unflinching Commitment to Customers’ needs
have played a key role in holding onto its
customer’s confidence.

OLI- as a Corporate policy its commitment towards customers in providing product Quality, Product precision, Competitive pricing, user-friendliness, quick delivery and strong after-sales Service have kept  OLI on TOP of the list with the other competitors.

Could you elaborate on your company’s infrastructure in Bengaluru, and how it supports the production and quality control processes?

OLI Vibrators India Pvt. Ltd has its Registered Office in Peenya Industrial Area, Peenya Bangalore, India. The total area of the premises is admeasuring approx. 45000 Sq. Feet and houses all activities/ Departments such as –

Sales and Marketing office.

Assembling / Service and After Sales Support

Packing /Dispatch/ Logistics Department

A spacious Warehouse – for accommodating all kinds of Vibrators /Flow Aids/ CC Flanged Vibrators / Flanged Drive / Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Voltage Convertors etc.,

Commercial and Administration Department

Accounts and Finance Department.

General – Technical support to customers in sizing and Selection of Vibrators including customization.

This Bangalore office has a strong Marketing / Sales /technical team that supports the customers in Sizing and Selection of Vibrators/accessories.

Our Sales/Technical Team possesses more than 2 decades of experience in Crushing /Screening / Mining/ Foundries/ Infrastructure to ensure that all customers are served to their satisfaction. Repeat orders from the customers speak for the testimony of our products and services.

How does OLI ensure a high level of customer service and rapid stock delivery across the globe through its trading subsidiaries and manufacturing plants?

OLI Vibrators has a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective and innovative vibratory solutions to meet a plethora of requirements of customers.

OLI Group has the name for….

Product Quality

Precision of the products

Competitive Pricing

Quick Delivery (as it maintains a huge inventory of all ranges of products)

Products being user-friendly

A personal touch and interaction by the OLI team are the uniqueness of the OLI products in comparison to the other players – and finally,

The reputation of the Company and the OLI Brand – which is recognized as the WORLD LEADER in the Vibration Industry.

Meeting the customers – Understanding their needs and offering them the solutions and creating a Win-Win situation.

Each member of our Management team has experience of over 2 decades of Leadership roles in the Infrastructure / Building & Construction/ Foundry /Mining equipment and Vibration Industry. This Skill set of our team brings to the table a unique blend of talents that helps OLI in achieving its goals of being a significant force in the Vibration Industry.

OLI Group has more than 26 subsidiaries across the World.  In India, OLI has 2 warehouses – one in Bangalore and the other in Greater Noida (Near New Delhi). It maintains sufficient stocks of all ranges of products to ensure that the customer needs are met at all times. For Example, in OLI India we maintain stock of all ranges to the tune of 30 Crores at all times.


Currently, we are the only International Company in India that has a spacious warehouse and maintains stocks of all ranges of Industrial vibrators/flow aids and Concreting vibrators to meet the customer requirements at beck-and-call.

Could you share some key achievements in OLI’s history and its expansion into different markets?

OLI has worked on many projects including special projects such as – Bullet Train project, Sea-Link Project, Rope-way project, Highways and Bridges, Airport Runway project. We serve all firms from small to Fortune 500 companies and made in-roads in all Industrial markets (Developed-Developing and niche markets). Our exceptional sales and service is the key reason for our customers to stay with us.

OLI’s Credentials include-

Flexible Supply Chain: OLI Group Emphasises Flexible supply chain practices that contribute to our ability to adapt swiftly to market changes and maintain a competitive edge.

Specialisation: OLI Group showcases its commitment to specialisation – and this dedication positions us as a leader in the Industry.

OLI Group’s cutting-edge research and development initiatives – showcases our continuous pursuit of innovation.

OLI Group harnesses digital advancements to enhance operational efficiency and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Sustainability: Integrating content that underscores our sustainability efforts, demonstrating our responsibility towards environmental stewardship.

Organizing and re-organizing the strategies to be in tune with the changing market dynamics.

Identification of problems and solving them.

We had come up and coming up with new ideas that improved things.

Developed or implemented new procedures or systems- from Production/ R&D/ Sales / After Sales. 

OLI as a Global group holds the coveted position as the World Leader in the Vibration Industry.

Can you elaborate on the benefits of OLI’s close affiliation with WAMGROUP and how this partnership contributes to the success of both companies in the bulk solids handling and processing industry?

OLI India was a part of Wamgroup till Wolong (a Global Electrical Major) -took a major stake in OLI and now OLI Group is part of both Wolong-Group  and Wam-Group.

Before setting up of OLI Indian subsidiary – all   OLI products were marketed through the WAMGROUP subsidiary in India. Wam-Group products were by and large used and applied in Construction Industries whereas OLI products are used in all kinds of Industries including Building /Construction / Infra.

As a part of the Corporate Strategy, OLI India was set up as a separate legal entity with the main objective of catering to all Industries such as construction/Infra/ Mining/Foundries / Food grain & Food processing /Power Generating Industries /Enviro -care associated industries etc., etc.,

Since Wam specialises in the Construction field and Material handling Industry OLI’s products also go to the material handling industry.  This helps OLI in many ways in diversifying its activities in length and breadth in the construction and Material handling areas. We have common customers to serve and cater which benefits both entities. Our strong association: collaboration and the rich experience of Wamgroup help OLI in its diversification plans.

Could you provide any recent innovations or developments in this field?

OLIis always on the quest to explore new grounds and long-lasting solutions by understanding and serving the customers. All our products carry certain unique features such High Quality bearings /Optimized grease sealing systems and certifications from CE/ATEX/IECex/ETL/EAC etc., which benefits the customers with longer life of our products in comparison to others in the Market.

Some of the recent developments at OLI include

Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors which include lower power consumption and synchronization (Patented solution).

We have developed/launched a smart electrical control panel solution for Precast plants.

Mechanical Pokers – Eccentric Shaft system

Excitors – Yet to be launched in the market.

OLI has a footprint worldwide. We also focus on increasing the customization of the products to suit the requirements of customers.

How do you see OLI’s future in the industry, and are there any upcoming projects or products that customers can look forward to?

The use of vibrators in India is still at a relatively nascent stage as compared to the developed countries. Hence, we see a steady increase in the use of vibrators in the Indian industries. Secondly, India’s infra development spending is going up and increasing in the Government Budgets of both Federal and Central. This will pave the way for a steady growth in the Indian Vibration Industry and we are quite optimistic about OLI’s future growth. Working sincerely and seriously on the upcoming Bullet train projects/Metro-Rail projects/ Highways /Airways etc. and bringing new ideas and developments in the existing products making them more and more user-friendly and easy of operations.