May 21, 2024

Talking about company activities, P. Narendran, Sr. General Manager, Beardsell Ltd. sharing his views with Next generation Construction, said, that we are equipped to cater to the requirements of customers throughout the country with speed, quality and timely delivery of products.

Managed to control the pandemic times into opportunity

Our company is about 100 year old in the Indian market. The team is working in about ten branches and corporate offices and different factories have gone through trials and tribulations over the years at various stages and possess an unshakeable confidence to triumph over the pandemic crisis. We managed to turn the pandemic crisis into an opportunity.

Strategy to handle price sensitive markets

While quality parameters of products are static but pricing is dynamic, hence we formulate such strategies to handle the price sensitiveness.

What innovative features make your product distinct in the construction scenario?

We have a wide range of products such as isobuild insulated sandwich panels with EPS/PUF/PIR/Rockwool as a core and QuikbuildSteilwallz panels for residential and such civil construction areas with highest quality. Besides, we are pioneers in industrial insulation with our EPS and PUF slabs and pipe sections. Also, we have packaging products catering to pharma and food processing industries etc.

Construction equipment manufactures to introduce cost effective machines in line with lower emissions regulatory norms?

We continuously update our production system.  We strive to maintain cost factors and also manage environmentally friendly output into our production such as lower emission etc., so CE manufacturers also should come up with more innovative and cost effective equipment to remain in the market.

What is your plan to move in the present scenario towards a business-friendly climate?

In the post-covid era, there is continuous spiralling of the cost of inputs such as steel, chemical etc. And, the government and other concerned authorities should strongly intervene to stabilize the prices.

The pending projects of covid period are slowly opening up and if input raw materials cost is controlled from further spiralling by authorities, it will induce confidence in stakeholders leading to much desired business- friendly climate.

Growth for equipment manufactures

Market is continuously expanding and demand will see an exponential growth in the coming years which will also benefit the equipment manufacturers.

Equipped to cater to the requirement of customers We are a reputed organisation in the field of prefabricated Buildings. With our operations spread across the country with seven factories and ten marketing full-fledged branches, we are equipped to cater to the requirement of customers throughout the country with speed, quality and timely delivery of products.