May 22, 2024

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with the primary goal of producing one-of-a-kind, versatile import substitute road construction equipment. We have a diverse range of machinery on the market, but we mostly deal with and manufacture for the specific needs and demands of our clients. We provide quality equipment with scheduled delivery times and very competitive
rates, allowing us to stand out in a competitive market. – Vinod Mallik, CMD, Himakshi Road-Cons Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Now trend of machinery implementation is increased due to shortage of Man power And work completion target period.We have introduced machineries as per present demand of work site.We are manufacturing machinery such as Concrete Paver Block Placer,Glass Grid Laying Machines, Ditch laying machine,Mastic cooker(Mobile), Road Crack Sealing Machine, Road Maintenance Machines,surface dressing Machines of different models.

Now a days completion is in every field and one has to face this situation.We are supplying Quality equipments with scheduled delivery time with very very competitive rates Contractors has tendency to buy equipments in Ready stock and which we keep.

Now Govt has introduced rural roads will be constructed by FDR Machinery which includes Graders, Excavators, WR equipments (Boulder spreader), Soil stabilizing Equipment, Truck Mounted Cement Spreader and Binder agent spreaders.

As per my opinion, up coming 5 years are very critical for  MSME and SSI units because now a A very big machineries are being introduced and maximum machineries required to be import for projects. There will no SME/MSME equipment manufacturer with in 5 years.

This question is very interesting. As we have introduced new machinery in our product range but Governement Deptt insist for imported machinery.Make in India vision is not that much helpful.Further, equipments demand is very very limited.

There is no such equipment which is highly demanded but supply of equipments varies from The demand of markets.

We are facing procurement of imported spares and parts which we need in implementation of Newly invented equipments. Indigenous spares are very costly and not easily available. If we develop then it takes too much time to complete machinery .

We are developing customised requirement as and when required but developing charges going very higher side but cheaper the imported one.