May 22, 2024

Shridhara C N, Associate Director (Technical & Marketing), PRECA Solutions India Pvt Ltd

We are basically Precast prestressed concrete products manufacturer. We will produce concrete buildings at factory. We have facility to produce almost all building products like Columns, Beams, Hollow core slabs, Sold slabs, Wall panels, T-slabs, Staircases, Drains and Trenches. We have high caliber in-house teams of Design department, Production department and Erection department. So we can give highly economical and suitable solutions to the client in project execution.

As we have highly caliber and experienced teams we can deliver complicated projects also on agreed schedules. If we deliver the projects successfully on time, automatically build the confidence in clients. This confidences help to build good business relations in the market.

Actually, in precast construction typical design elements will work out more economical. Also, longer span construction will reduce number of columns and increase working space inside the building. Longer spans construction will increase parking area efficiency and gives more flexibility to the interior architects for their design.

Precast designers have to customize the element sizes and shapes in the initial design in discussion with an Architects.

Challenges are always will be there in construction activity. In precast construction major challenge is logistic planning. In India, most of the projects will have limited space for placing cranes and trailers movement. We faced such challenges in so many projects. We studied site condition properly and planned the position of crane and trailer movement in the project design stage itself. We designed the element sizes as per crane lifting capacity. Also some of the projects we planned execution in phases. It was high challenging but executed successfully.

At present, Precast business is growing more in India. Before moulds and machineries, we have to import from other countries.Now mostof moulds are manufacturing in India. Most of the foreign companies invested in India and created mould manufacturing facilities. This will help lot to cut down initial investment cost for precast manufacturers.

The market acceptance of precast technology is increased. As demand increases it will create more opportunities. Present government encouraging precast sector by adopting the technology in so many tenders as compulsory.