May 21, 2024

Truck cranes are essential pieces in various sectors of the industry, playing a crucial role in lifting and moving heavy loads. In the global scenario, the SANY Group stands out as a leader in the manufacturing of high-quality wheeled cranes, crawler cranes, and tower cranes. The range of products offered by the company includes wheeled cranes from 8 to 2400 tons, crawler cranes from 25 to 4500 tons, and tower cranes from 6 to 185 tons.

One of the highlighted models is the SANY SAC8000T7-8 truck crane, a robust machine with 7 axles and a dual-engine system. Its boom, composed of 7 sections and reaching an impressive 91 meters, offers versatility for a variety of tasks. Additionally, it features a fixed boom of 66 meters with hydraulic adjustment and a boom specifically designed for wind energy of 58 meters. The crane also includes a lattice superlift, a counterweight of 183 tons, and a next-generation cabin, providing efficiency and safety in operations. The director of I.V. Cranes, the company that acquired the machine, emphasizes, “The equipment will strengthen our fleet dedicated to wind farm maintenance, ensuring and expanding the variety of wind turbines we can service, reaching all available models.” – Igor Boff, Director.

Currently, the SAC8000T7-8 is involved in operations at the Alto Sertão Wind Complex, located in the Bahian region of Caetité City. This complex is considered the largest in Latin America, comprising various wind farms. Together, these farms have a combined production capacity of 1,113.2 gigawatts, significantly contributing to the country’s energy matrix.

Located in the municipality of Caetité, Bahia, the Alto Sertão I, II, and III complexes have a total installed capacity of 90MW, distributed among the three parks, each with 15 wind turbines. The generated energy is directed to the National Interconnected System (SIN), contributing to the diversification of the energy matrix and the country’s sustainability.

The evolution of wind towers over the last two decades is remarkable, especially concerning height. With the need to capture more wind, the towers have significantly increased in height, reaching an average of 110 to 130 meters. It is predicted that soon, these towers could reach an impressive 140 meters, further boosting the efficiency of capturing wind energy.

The SANY SAC8000T7-8 truck crane plays a crucial role in this scenario, especially with its main U-shaped boom, consisting of 7 sections and extending over 91 meters. Its fixed boom, with variable lengths from 12 to 66 meters and hydraulic adjustment of 0°/20°/40°, offers flexibility for various applications. Additionally, the Superlift device and the new lattice Superlift device allow specific configurations for wind power operations, covering wind turbine maintenance with a hub height ≤140 meters.

The new 7-axle chassis, with steering and traction on all four front wheels, stands out in the SANY SAC8000T7-8. Hydraulic-assisted drive on the seventh axle, along with a variety of steering and traction modes, provides greater flexibility during operations. The new intelligent multi-mode hydropneumatic suspension system, with real-time monitoring, active lifting, and variable damping adaptation, contributes to a more comfortable and stable operation.

Transport efficiency is enhanced by the transmission system equipped with a hydraulic torque converter and retarder brake, optimizing the safety and smoothness of driving.

The combination of SANY crane excellence, such as the SAC8000T7-8, in the Alto Sertão Wind Complex, highlights the commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency in lifting and moving operations, contributing to the advancement of the wind industry in Brazil.