July 24, 2024

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. a leading manufacturer of advanced equipment, recently attended the ISO/TC 96 (International Standardization Organization, Technical Committee of Cranes) serial meetings held in Sydney, Australia, from April 10-19, 2024, where several international standards led by Zoomlion made important progress.

Over 40 crane experts, scholars, and corporate representatives from 12 countries were in attendance. Dr. Fu Ling, vice president & CTO, Mr. Yu Lihu, assistant general manager of Zoomlion Tower Crane, along with three other attendees represented Zoomlion at the meetings. Dr. Fu Ling reported to the ISO/TC 96 Plenary on the secretariat’s work and reviewed the progress of the working groups and nine subcommittees under ISO/TC 96.

Among the projects led by Zoomlion, ISO 12480-1 Cranes Safe Use Part 1: General has progressed to FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) stage. This standard details crane safety principles to ensure safe operations. This standard covers five main aspects: safe system of work, personnel responsibilities, crane activities (planning, crane selection, installation, disassembly), remote control, and maintenance and inspection requirements. It also provides safety guidance for other crane applications.

The project ISO 4302 Wind Load Assessment has been formally accepted and will incorporate a figure of storm wind speeds in China. Zoomlion will also lead the development of a derivative technical report that studies the impact of the interference factor caused by surrounding buildings.

Dr. Fu Ling, vice president & CTO of Zoomlion, commented: “Zoomlion’s active role in ISO/TC 96 meetings showcases our technical expertise and contribution to global construction machinery safety standards. The progress achieved highlights our commitment to international cooperation and opens new opportunities for industry safety and efficiency. Zoomlion will continue to engage in international standardization efforts to advance the global construction machinery industry.”