July 24, 2024

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has unveiled a new concept, “LANDCROS,” aimed at delivering innovative solutions for all stakeholders, including customers, dealers, suppliers, and partners. This concept will be prominently featured on business cards and construction machinery across the entire Hitachi Construction Machinery Group.

In April 2022, Hitachi Construction Machinery formed an exploratory committee comprising various departments to create a unique group identity. Following discussions in the Board of Executive Officers and Board of Directors Meetings, and after gathering opinions from Group employees, the Group Identity was established and announced in April 2023.

A broad survey was conducted to identify symbolic phrases that would encapsulate the direction Hitachi Construction Machinery should pursue. The result was the new concept “LANDCROS,” which combines various aspirations into one unified vision.

The construction machinery market is experiencing significant changes, driven by a shift from ownership to usage and increasing environmental awareness. The market now demands not only high-performance and high-quality machinery but also optimized operation solutions throughout the machinery’s lifecycle.

In response to these trends, the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group formulated a new Medium-term Management Plan, “BUILDING THE FUTURE 2025,” in April 2023, with the goal of becoming a true solutions provider.

The Group has a direct sales and service system in regions including Japan, Asia, Oceania, and Africa, and has gathered diverse feedback from its global operations. Listening to customers has provided insights into becoming a solutions provider that addresses various customer issues.

“LANDCROS” emerged as a symbolic keyword representing the desired direction. The concept embodies the following desires:

The Group will promote “LANDCROS” to all stakeholders as a testament to its commitment to delivering innovative solutions. A logo combining “LANDCROS” with the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, Japanese technological excellence, and reliable solutions has been designed. The concept will be featured in catalogs, stickers, town hall meetings, and training programs to foster a sense of unity among employees. Business cards with the new concept and stickers on operator cabs will help communicate this vision widely.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group will continue leveraging the Hitachi brand and collaborating with the Hitachi Group to maximize brand value. Together with customers, dealers, and partners, the Group aims to enhance solutions at every customer touchpoint through digital technologies. The Group will also continue efforts to reform its organizational culture and actively communicate its commitment to delivering innovative solutions.