May 24, 2024

Filtrec’s Hydraulic Innovations at EXCON 2023

At EXCON 2023, Filtrec unveiled hydraulic filter kits, addressing industry challenges with cutting-edge technology. The response was overwhelming; attracting attention from OEMs, distributors, and end-users says Sanjay Agarwal, Managing Director, Filtrec’s Hydraulic. Please share information about the company’s participation in EXCON and your products showcased during the event. For Excon 2023, Filtrec launched complete hydraulic […]

ACD Machine Control: Introducing Anemometers customized for the customers

ACD Machine Control is a 50-year-old family-owned company providing application-based instruments like air velocity monitoring and vibration monitoring. We had a conversation with Prajakt Paralkar, CEO, of ACD Machine Control Company Pvt. Ltd., during Excon 2023 on their latest development and plans. Could you talk about the products that are being displayed By ACD machines […]

PRECA SOLUTIONS: Market acceptance of precast technology is increasing

Shridhara C N, Associate Director (Technical & Marketing), PRECA Solutions India Pvt Ltd Please brief us about your business activity and construction solutions We are basically Precast prestressed concrete products manufacturer. We will produce concrete buildings at factory. We have facility to produce almost all building products like Columns, Beams, Hollow core slabs, Sold slabs, […]

Timken: Strengthening the world with engineering knowledge

Mr. Sanjay Koul, Managing Director, Timken – India, shares how their 120+ years of cross-industry experience contributes towards providing customers with innovative, best-in-class quality, efficient and sustainable engineered bearings. What drives Timken’s focus on innovation in the industry, and how does the company ensure its investments align with customer needs? At Timken, innovation starts with […]

CCTY Bearing Company fabricates unique components for specific applications

Collaboration, Technology and Robust Engineering Team are the pillars that make CCTY Bearing Company a leading manufacturer turning new product ideas into reality. Our processes and products help our customers improve their products says, Mitul Dave, Managing Director, CCTY Bearing India Pvt. Ltd. Can you share more details about how CCTY Bearing Company collaborates with […]

Beardsell Ltd managing the price sensitivity of products in the competitive market

Talking about company activities, P. Narendran, Sr. General Manager, Beardsell Ltd. sharing his views with Next generation Construction, said, that we are equipped to cater to the requirements of customers throughout the country with speed, quality and timely delivery of products. Managed to control the pandemic times into opportunity Our company is about 100 year […]

Grids Infrastructure Solutions Pvt. Ltd. pioneering innovations in foundation drilling equipment

Grids Infrastructure Solutions is gearing up to make a significant impact at Excon 2023 by unveiling cutting-edge foundation drilling equipment that exemplifies our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and meeting evolving industry demands. Our product launches and showcased technologies align seamlessly with current industry trends. – Sreekanth Chandrasekharan Nair, Founder & CEO, M/S. Grids Infrastructure Solutions […]

OLI Vibrators pioneers excellence in industrial vibrators and concrete consolidation

With a strong global presence and a commitment to innovation, OLI Vibrators stands out in the industry. From cutting-edge products to a robust infrastructure, OLI ensures customer satisfaction worldwide says, Sundaram S. Iyer, Managing Director, OLI Vibrators India. Can you provide more information about the range of industrial machines and products you manufacture, and how […]

Mother India Forming Innovates Customized Steel Solutions

Mother India Forming has transformed from a standard ERW steel tube manufacturer to a global leader in custom solutions, driven by innovation, advanced technology, and customer-centric philosophy. – Santosh V, Director of Sales, Mother India Forming Pvt. Ltd. Can you tell us about the evolution of Mother India Forming from a standard ERW steel tube […]